Food Find Friday: Snack Trays

It has been a long time since I posted one of these, but I found a new version of a snack tray that has been quite helpful when I need something quick with a good amount of protein in the middle of the night when I’m up with my twins. It’s basically an adult Lunchable and it’s even by Oscar Mayer.

Now I’m not claiming it’s the healthiest option, or even that it meets my normal carb restrictions, but it was 17g of protein and something I could grab quick.

I also really like the Sargento cheese, nut, and fruit trays for a quick high protein snack. I believe they are called Balanced Breaks.

Either one is much better than the candy or other mainly carby snacks around my house (mmmm….Cheetos). And I really need to keep up my protein intake both for bariatric purposes and breastfeeding purposes.

So yeah, just some snacks I like. Keeping this post short and sweet because babies always need me these days.



Two Peas No Longer In My Pod

Best weight loss program ever! Haha. Just kidding. But having delivered my twins I am relieved how much weight came off so quickly.

The morning I checked in at the hospital for delivery I weighed in at the doctor at 221 pounds. Yikes. But then one week after delivery I stepped on the scale at home out of curiosity and was already down to 189. The boys each weighed roughly 6.5 lbs, so that was a nice 13 pound loss right away. The rest was fluid and other junk which took a bit more time to flush out of my system so to speak.

Today (two weeks post delivery) I weighed at 177.4! So that’s fantastic. But I anticipate that’s all the “freebie” pounds I’m going to get from this, so now the real work starts.

With constant feedings, diaper changes, and just general life, I am only now getting around to being able to really plan next steps around fitness. And while I can plan all I want, until the doctor releases me (probably about 4 more weeks) I can’t do much of anything but walk.

Yet, that’s familiar territory for a bariatric patient given that’s all we can do immediately post-op anyway. So while it is sort of like a reset for me in the physical fitness department, I know I can do it and I cannot wait to be back at the gym. That in and of itself is totally bizarre, but I’m thrilled to find that feeling after so many months of zero desire for physical activity. All I desired for the last four months of my pregnancy was naps. 😁 Which I rightfully took as my body needed the rest to bake these buns.

I do plan to run through the six week Charlie Mike program one more time at least, while also integrating my normal favorite classes at the gym (dance in particular). After that I’ll take another look at where I am and what I need to do reach my goals.

My little men, all snoozy after eatingEating on the other hand is a different story because that is something I can get on top of now. Every meal or snack I’m saying in my head “this is the last carby, fatty, sweet, etc. thing” and then I do it all over again the next time I eat. I have been focusing on water better and using protein shakes or nuts and cheese for middle of the night meals/snacks, but it’s the Christmas candy, pizza, tacos, burgers, and sausage biscuits that are doing me wrong of course.

I will be working on re-incorporating high protein items and fresh veggies as much as I can while cutting out the sugar and carbs once again. Really this is a necessary step for health, weight loss, and to support my workouts all around. But I will still have a treat now and then (because my sweet tooth and post-partum hormones will demand it! 😜)

So yeah, work to be done and time to wait, but I have far less distance to go than I was anticipating. I’m hopeful (and motivated) I can quickly knock these 25 – 30 pounds of fat off and build back some muscle to help me haul around these ever growing wee beasties.


Broken Barrier

It’s not a barrier I ever wanted to break again, but I have to cut myself some slack given I’m growing two humans.

On Thursday I weighed in at 201.1. With anywhere from 3-6 weeks left, I’m certain to end up well over 210, but I also know I can’t let that get me down.

Have I eaten as well as I should? Absolutely not. Could I have kept some more of this off? Of course. Is it enough to be that big of a deal given the circumstances? Again, absolutely not.

Luckily my sweet babes are growing well and healthy, my BP has been good throughout the pregnancy, I didn’t end up with gestational diabetes (although I had to do that awful three hour test!), and overall my pregnancy has gone very well. So I’ll take my barrier break and be thankful and happy.

Now to just waddle my way through these next several weeks until I have my two adorable crying poop machines to hold and adore in my arms. 🤪👶🏼👶🏼

Double Double Toil and Trouble

Halloween title for fun!  Plus it semi-references my two wee beasties making my belly huge. 

I’m still under 200lbs which is somewhat of a relief, and I’m also still within a healthy weight gain range for my pregnancy which is most important. Although, the doctor did tell me to try to slow down a bit and limit my gain to 1 pound a week because I had a nice run of 2lbs a week between my last two visits and gained 8 pounds. Oops. 

But I’m being much more bariatric compliant and focusing on protein first and more fibrous/filling veggies or fruits to hold me through all the ravenous hunger caused by my two adorable parasites. 

With that dietary change I’ve actually only gained about a pound in the last 2.5-3 weeks instead of 3-6 pounds I was on track for in prior months. I talked with my nurse about that because I was scared now I wasn’t gaining enough!  But not to worry, she said that’s just fine to have a slow steady gain because that would be expected with the switch to more protein and less sugar/junk. She said the babies will take what they need, which is mostly protein right now, so basically it’s like they are gaining weight while I’m losing some and we are cancelling each other out for the most part. 

I’ve already started mentally planning workouts to help steadily work my way back down post-partum. I’m making sure to take in to consideration I will be exhausted from newborns plus recovering from giving birth or even a c-section if the little boogers don’t cooperate. But I also know my limits and when I’m not pushing hard enough or too hard, so I’m not giving myself any passes either. Walking at first may be all I can do, but that’s all I could do right after my VSG, so it’s not all that different. And now I will even have two poop machines strapped to me for extra weight resistance. Or pushing a stroller – which still adds to my workout. 🙂

I’m also reminding myself it won’t be an instant return to 150, so I can be mentally and emotionally prepared for the battle all over again. With all the stress parents with newborns have, keeping any other stress at bay will be very helpful. 

Aside from the physical activity portion, I’m also trying to determine my best mix of bariatric compliance with all I need nutritionally for breastfeeding. I really don’t think it’ll be an issue given it’s a heathy, well rounded diet, but I do want to research and review it before hand to be sure I’m getting all I need. And I can be prepared to add supplements or other food choices where appropriate. 

I did not have a good run at breastfeeding with my older son and was barely able to make enough for him on a daily basis. I never had more than what he would consume in the next one to two feedings on hand. Thinking that may be the case this time is worrisome, but I’m also more prepared for the possibility than I was last time. Being certain my nutrition isn’t impacting that is important to me. And honestly, I had a terrible diet after the first kid, so that may have been the issue. This time I won’t let it be nutrition and hopefully I’ll be able to figure out what else could be a culprit if I have problems again. And honestly, I’ll be less judging of myself if I need to add in formula to get these two fed.  Last time I just made myself depressed and miserable trying to live up to this “perfect breast milk mom” standard which was ridiculous.  But still fingers crossed my milk flows like a fully open faucet and I have nice fat babies. Formula is expensive. 😜

So I’m in the 10-12 week home stretch here, with arrival date anticipated to be between 36-38 weeks. I’m still keeping myself active at the gym, and even did BodyPump this morning. I have opted for naps a few times over getting in a workout, but I figure my body is telling me what it needs so I’m going to listen. My plan is still to stay as  active as I can to help prepare my body to bring these kiddos into the world as easily as possible. But also to get plenty of rest and relaxation while I have the option in between my active times. 

So now I’m going to just sit and relax while I enjoy my babies dancing or cage fighting or whatever they are up to in there right now. 



Post workout selfie a few weeks back


So I just passed the 20 week mark with my pregnancy. And on that same day, I also passed the 20lb mark for pregnancy weight gain. 

Surprisingly I’m not as freaked out about that as I expected. I had more of an “ugh” reaction than a “holy bleeping bleep I weigh 178 pounds again!!!” 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s hard to see those numbers going up, but at least I can feel okay since I’m still within a healthy weight gain range for my pregnancy. 

With having multiples I’m expected to gain a bit more than a singleton pregnancy.  Apparently the range is 35-45 pounds. So allegedly I’m looking at maybe 15-25 more pounds to gain (although I’m sure I’ll end up gaining more because sweets are singing me the song of their people these days). 

I have roughly 16-17 weeks left of my pregnancy, because I’ll be delivering around 36-37 weeks due to the Doublemint Twins. If I gain the average 1.5 pounds per week that all “Theys” says you should during the 2nd and 3rd trimester then I’ll probably gain about 25.5 pounds and weigh about 205 pounds. Looking at that number is scary because I’ll jump back over that 200 mark I swore I’d never cross again. I’m just hoping for my mental and emotional well being that I react to that “milestone” similar to how I reacted to gaining this first 20 pounds.  

I’m also hopeful that I lose at least enough from delivery to be back in “Onderland” before I leave the hospital. Like even just 199 I think will be mentally soothing. But then again I’ll have my hands and mind really full of more important things and hopefully not even notice my weight for several weeks anyway. 🙂 

In the mean time, I continue to focus on going to the gym regularly and working to keep myself in a healthy place so I have an easier recovery and will be able to enjoy my babies without pain or struggle from being overweight. 



20 Weeks! – You’re Kicking Me Smalls

2 Years Post-Op

It’s cliche to say I know, but where has the time gone?  

It’s already been so long that my son says he doesn’t remember me being heavy. I guess seeing old pictures of me when he’s all grown up may be a shock. 😀

I can’t really post a traditional updated before and after pic at this point due to the giant bulge growing ever bigger on my abdomen. But there is still a massive difference between then and now. And between my first pregnancy and now. I look forward to posting an awesome 3 year post-op shot that is also post-twin birth. Keeping in mind the idea of that picture may help motivate me to jump back in where I left off and stay strong with it. 

Left is last week and right is that same old pre-op pic I always use. When I’m further along I’ll post comparison pics from when I was prego the first time. Hopefully the difference will be staggering. 👍🏼👍🏼

At this point in my first pregnancy (16 -17 weeks) you could definetely not tell I was pregnant for all the fat I was already carrying. Really it was roughly 6 months in before it was kind of obvious. And even then, in the wrong clothes, I could have just been fat with a big carb belly. 

It’s interesting having new experiences with this pregnancy, like figuring out workouts and workout clothes. I did not workout with the first pregnancy so I had no idea what would be different, if anything. Do I need special pants or supports? Do I just need bigger sizes? What can or can’t I do?  It’s been interesting exploring this topic, seeing what works for me and what doesn’t. Also, damn are maternity clothes expensive. I’m trying to keep it minimal and work with what I have as much as possible. 

Also, talking to people about it this early on is different. Now that even random acquaintances and strangers can just tell I’m expecting, I have ended up in a lot more convos about babies and pregnancy than I ever did with the first one. 

Enough about pregnancy though. 

So let’s see, where do I stand in bariatric life right now?  Well, I eat really any sort of food now with no restrictions (although I shouldn’t). I can eat more now than a year ago, but I do still eat waaaay smaller portions than pre-op because I literally can’t eat more (thankfully). 

I still keep up with my vitamin regimen every day and I keep up with sip sip sipping water all day long. I have been bad and had some pop and I do drink with my meals again. I really need to stop I know. I’ll work on that. 

Exercise, while I slowed down a bit because of you know what, I am still keeping it going and it’s helping tremendously with keeping me at a steady weight. I am gaining some pregnancy weight which is scary for someone having watched the scale like a hawk for two years, but it’s only been 11 lbs so far and apparently that’s about right at this stage for twin pregnancy. (Shhh, don’t tell me if you disagree – lol).  Before pregnancy the exercise was helping me kill those extra calories from naughty foods while my sleeve was helping me limit the number of calories of bad foods I could eat. That has really been my saving grace for meals where I eat poorly. 

I still have the occasional protein shake but try to get more of my protein from chewable foods. I never have made it back to eating fully vegetarian, but I’ve reduced my meat consumption some. Hopefully I can reduce it more and more until I’m back to zero.  

I still try to slow myself down and count 20 chews per bite, but I do sometimes find myself ravenously snarfing food down when it’s been too long without a snack. And with two babies throwing cravings at me, I am now hungry nearly all day long so snacking is at a maximum for me. If I go more than like 90 minutes I feel like it’s been 5 hours. I’m trying to make it more fruits and veggies with some protein in my snacks, like pears or apples with peanut butter, cube cheese and nuts, or carrots and laughing cow cheese. But I’m not going to lie and say I haven’t grabbed a candy bar or donut as a snack too. One baby seems to crave fruits and veggies while the other one wants grease and sugar. 

I’m certainly giving myself a pass on more carbs than my dietician told me to eat (by a lot). Not sure how that will work out post-natal, but I’m hoping to successfully breastfeed both babies, and burn off my extra carbs that way while I adjust and scale back to appropriate bariatric carb levels. Only time will tell. 😂

Not sure what else I can include here. If you have specific questions about what being two years out is like, please drop me a line. 

Otherwise, for now I’ll say again (and again) that this has been one of the best decisions of my life. I’m not a new person, just a better me.  And I’m so glad that I’m right where I thought I’d be at this stage. Well, I thought I’d be post-second pregnancy already, but otherwise this is everything and more than I could have envisioned two years later.