2 Years Post-Op

It’s cliche to say I know, but where has the time gone?  

It’s already been so long that my son says he doesn’t remember me being heavy. I guess seeing old pictures of me when he’s all grown up may be a shock. πŸ˜€

I can’t really post a traditional updated before and after pic at this point due to the giant bulge growing ever bigger on my abdomen. But there is still a massive difference between then and now. And between my first pregnancy and now. I look forward to posting an awesome 3 year post-op shot that is also post-twin birth. Keeping in mind the idea of that picture may help motivate me to jump back in where I left off and stay strong with it. 

Left is last week and right is that same old pre-op pic I always use. When I’m further along I’ll post comparison pics from when I was prego the first time. Hopefully the difference will be staggering. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

At this point in my first pregnancy (16 -17 weeks) you could definetely not tell I was pregnant for all the fat I was already carrying. Really it was roughly 6 months in before it was kind of obvious. And even then, in the wrong clothes, I could have just been fat with a big carb belly. 

It’s interesting having new experiences with this pregnancy, like figuring out workouts and workout clothes. I did not workout with the first pregnancy so I had no idea what would be different, if anything. Do I need special pants or supports? Do I just need bigger sizes? What can or can’t I do?  It’s been interesting exploring this topic, seeing what works for me and what doesn’t. Also, damn are maternity clothes expensive. I’m trying to keep it minimal and work with what I have as much as possible. 

Also, talking to people about it this early on is different. Now that even random acquaintances and strangers can just tell I’m expecting, I have ended up in a lot more convos about babies and pregnancy than I ever did with the first one. 

Enough about pregnancy though. 

So let’s see, where do I stand in bariatric life right now?  Well, I eat really any sort of food now with no restrictions (although I shouldn’t). I can eat more now than a year ago, but I do still eat waaaay smaller portions than pre-op because I literally can’t eat more (thankfully). 

I still keep up with my vitamin regimen every day and I keep up with sip sip sipping water all day long. I have been bad and had some pop and I do drink with my meals again. I really need to stop I know. I’ll work on that. 

Exercise, while I slowed down a bit because of you know what, I am still keeping it going and it’s helping tremendously with keeping me at a steady weight. I am gaining some pregnancy weight which is scary for someone having watched the scale like a hawk for two years, but it’s only been 11 lbs so far and apparently that’s about right at this stage for twin pregnancy. (Shhh, don’t tell me if you disagree – lol).  Before pregnancy the exercise was helping me kill those extra calories from naughty foods while my sleeve was helping me limit the number of calories of bad foods I could eat. That has really been my saving grace for meals where I eat poorly. 

I still have the occasional protein shake but try to get more of my protein from chewable foods. I never have made it back to eating fully vegetarian, but I’ve reduced my meat consumption some. Hopefully I can reduce it more and more until I’m back to zero.  

I still try to slow myself down and count 20 chews per bite, but I do sometimes find myself ravenously snarfing food down when it’s been too long without a snack. And with two babies throwing cravings at me, I am now hungry nearly all day long so snacking is at a maximum for me. If I go more than like 90 minutes I feel like it’s been 5 hours. I’m trying to make it more fruits and veggies with some protein in my snacks, like pears or apples with peanut butter, cube cheese and nuts, or carrots and laughing cow cheese. But I’m not going to lie and say I haven’t grabbed a candy bar or donut as a snack too. One baby seems to crave fruits and veggies while the other one wants grease and sugar. 

I’m certainly giving myself a pass on more carbs than my dietician told me to eat (by a lot). Not sure how that will work out post-natal, but I’m hoping to successfully breastfeed both babies, and burn off my extra carbs that way while I adjust and scale back to appropriate bariatric carb levels. Only time will tell. πŸ˜‚

Not sure what else I can include here. If you have specific questions about what being two years out is like, please drop me a line. 

Otherwise, for now I’ll say again (and again) that this has been one of the best decisions of my life. I’m not a new person, just a better me.  And I’m so glad that I’m right where I thought I’d be at this stage. Well, I thought I’d be post-second pregnancy already, but otherwise this is everything and more than I could have envisioned two years later. 



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